Rules and Regulations

  1. Grievances Handling Procedure
    • If Students have some grievances of personal/professional nature then he/she is required to approach the mentor. A committee comprising of Director, HOD and mentors will hear the matter. Grievance Register is also available with respective mentor. The students are free to enter their complaint in the register with or without entering their name. In case the complaint is not addressed within 48 hours you may mail to chairman
  2. Student's Council
    • A student’s council is formed with a view to give autonomy to the students in managing the affairs of the Development. The Students are required to take care of certain activities related to the development as well as Institution. For each of the activities a separate committee will be formed and the students will be selected from 1st and 2nd year and made responsible for managing the activities. Training and Placement Committee: This Committee will assist placement activities as per the directions given to them in Mentor Meetings. One Faculty Member will mentor 20 students. Schedule of mentor meeting and responsibilities of a mentor will be informed separately.
  3. Guidelines for Attendance
    • As per RGPV & Vindhya norms minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in all subjects. The attendance is also one of the basis of internal evaluation. The Student who does not fulfill the criteria cannot appear in the internal/final exams. If the attendance is short, a warning will be sent to the parents…
  4. Discipline
    • The Students are expected to follow the dress code and instructions given to them by the college authorities from time to time. They are also advised to see the notice boards regularly including T & P to get updated information.
  5. Constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee
    • “Ragging is completely banned”- /Supreme Court’s Order
      As a follow up action on Supreme Court’s order on writ petition no. 656 of 1998, the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Manpower Planning Department has issued orders putting complete ban on ragging.
      The parents of the students are required to give a written undertaking at the time of their registration at Vindhya Indore.
      Any students involved in ragging are liable for strict punishment, which may include:
      1. Expulsion from institute
      2. Suspension from Institute or classes for a limited period or Fine with a public apology
      3. Withholding Scholarship or other benefits
      4. Debarring from representation in events
      5. Withholding results