Vision & Mission


To catalyze transformations of our students into confident and responsible professionals, endowed with up-to-date knowledge and expertise in their chosen disciplines, excellent communication skills and sensitive souls who will be assets to their families, community, nation and humanity at large.


To become a premier institute globally recognized for management education, training, research, & consulting to create knowledge leaders with values that help build a just and humane society.

Values & Beliefs

  • Excellence in reputation, being part of something very special.
  • Welfare of students above all.
  • Never being satisfied or continuous improvement.
  • Climate conducive to trust, open communication and team spirit.
  • Opportunity based on merit, individual productivity; no one is entitled to anything.

Aim & Objective

  • To establish NBA accredited A+ engineering college.
  • To assemble qualified, committed and dedicated faculty.
  • To create the environment promoting all round excellence.
  • To develop the capability to assimilate latest advances in science & technology in the education process.
  • To develop framework of ethics, values and morals in the faculty and students.
  • To play the role of catalyst in the economic transformation of the region.