Triggering Transformations
Story of our Logo

The Institute's logo is Triggering Transformation with the picture of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

The Institute's logo has been inspired by the book "Hope for Flowers" written by Trina Paulus. Hope for Flowers is the story of a caterpillar named Stripe and his transformation from being a caterpillar to becoming a butterfly.

In the story, Stripe’s life passes through three distinct phases.

Phase I

As a crawler, Stripe lives in his small world where his only job was eating and becoming better. He gets bored with his life and starts his voyage of seeking more from life. This propels him into the next phase of his life.

Phase II

Stripes becomes a climber. He comes across a mountain of caterpillars each striving to climb over the other to reach the mountain top. After a lot of struggle, when Stripe reaches near the top, he becomes disillusioned because

a. From the height, he sees many more mountains of caterpillars; So there is no great glory in reaching the top.

b. There is intense power struggle near the top and every now and then, caterpillars at the top fall down the mountain and die in the process.

Phase III

Stripe becomes a flier by transforming into a butterfly. Now neither does he need to crawl nor does he need to climb over anyone else. Stripe then begins his journey of exploring different mountains of the world. During this phase, stripe learns that

a. God/nature has given power to each caterpillar to transform into a butterfly.

b. Transforming from a caterpillar to butterfly is a process of faith in which one has to go through pain and struggle.

We believe that each human being is like stripe-not knowing one's ability to transform into a butterfly, many human beings spend their lives in the phase I and II of Stripe's life.

We see our role akin to that of catalyst (in the story, the caterpillar who himself transforms into a butterfly and shares the transformation process) who catalyze the transformation of our students.

We help our students to develop faith in their innate abilities to become fliers in life.

We hand hold them during their journey of transformation.